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Colgate Group Assignment-WS 4 The toothbrush world has always been constantly changing and adapting to the market. The competition picked up in the toothbrush market once consumers realized that their oral health would dramatically improve, and dental bills would decrease if they used oral health products at home. It was then that companies competed to be the leader in oral care products. Toothbrush brands used different tactics to entice people to purchase their product such as advertising and product placement. The toothbrush companies will never worry about discontinuing any of their products because there will always be a consumer ready to purchase. Consumer behavior is an ongoing change in the toothbrush category. Toothbrush consumers are bombarded with multiple brands and styles to choose from when they are shopping for a new toothbrush. The first toothbrushes made only came in one style. Today, toothbrushes offer many features such as: bristle type, angled neck, rubber gum massagers, color, handle grip, and/or brush size. Oral health hygiene is important to most consumers. They buy toothbrushes based on recommendations from their dentist. The dentist can recommend what type of product will be the best fit for them based on “their individual needs: size and shape of mouth, sensitivity of gums, and personal brushing style.” Some consumers are willing to try out different type of toothbrushes until he or she finds the best fit. Consumers might also be persuaded to purchase a toothbrush based on television advertisements that showcase the features other toothbrush brands do not offer. Changes that are occurring in the toothbrush category include the advertising and promotion of toothbrushes. The increased advertising has enhanced toothbrush visibility, which has increased consumer demand. “The total media spending for

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