Cold Weather Versus Hot Weather

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Cold Weather Versus Hot Weather Compare and Contrast Paper Levi Ellison Levi Ellison, Yahoo! Contributor Network Feb 2, 2011 "Share your voice on Yahoo! websites. Start Here." More: Cold Weather Hot Weather tweet Print FlagPost a comment The temperature affects everyone. The first effect the temperature has on us is the way we dress. Even if you are only going outside to get the paper, the temperature can cause you to add clothes or put shoes on. More importantly, it affects the way we dress for the day. It also can affect what time we leave to go places and what we are leaving to go do. Hot weather is sometimes harder to deal with because there is only a certain amount of clothing you can take off in public. If it was considered decent to take everything off, it still wouldn't be good enough sometimes. Cold weather is easier to deal with in that sense because you can always put more clothes on. This can become a hassle too; if you have so much clothing on that it hinders your movement. Cold weather does have the advantage of being able to huddle for warmth. Cold weather can cause problems like frost on the windshield. It can make you go and start your car earlier so your windshield will defrost. You can also wait until the last second and search for an extension cord and then plug it into your hair dryer so you can defrost your windshield with it. Cold weather can cause you to leave earlier as well because of the possibility of ice on the roads. Hot weather definitely has the advantage concerning having to leave earlier or having to prepare your vehicle to leave, because the only thing you might want to do, although not a necessity, is start your vehicle and crank up the air conditioning. Both types of weather often determine what kind of recreation is possible. For instance, snow man building doesn't quite work out in

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