Cold war inf Afghanistan Essay

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Afghanistan: Cold War dynamics were as simple and straightforward as elementary algebra, however they seldom led to problems being solved easily. In the United States, the mentality was straightforward: “if you are a communist, you are our enemy. If you are friends with communists, you are our enemy.” In the Soviet Union, it was basically the opposite: “if you are with the U.S., you are our enemy.” Throughout the War, both sides employed different kinds of scare tactics. One country would form an alliance, and the other would break an alliance. One country would claim to have super weapons, and the other would claim to have one-upped them. Both the United States and the U.S.S.R. also occupied and took advantage of small, uninvolved countries. They used these countries like pawns in a global game of chess, not actually concerned with the state of the pawn, just focused on strategic advantage. One country that was abused as such was Afghanistan. The Cold War resulted in both the Soviet Union and the United States throwing Afghanistan, an already instable country, further into chaos. Even before foreign intervention, Afghanistan had a long history of instability—about 5000 years long. Such prevailing instability, while not unheard of, does not fit the profile of most Middle Eastern Countries. While the majority of countries in the Middle East have had their fair share of turmoil, nothing compares to Afghanistan. One of the bigger problems Afghanistan faces is in its geography. It is located square in the center of the Middle East, and has thus been both a valuable (quick) trade route and a target of many conquerors. Many groups attempted and failed to take control of Afghanistan, including the Huns, the Persians, and Ghengis Khan. In the late 18th and early 19th century, Russia and Afghanistan had a few conferences, however it was not until later
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