Cold War Era Essay

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Introduction The Cold War Era was the World War II postwar economic and ideological global war between the United States and the Soviets, during which each party fought to reshape the world to conform to its own image. The Cold War Era continued for some twenty years, not to be exact but between nineteen forty six until nineteen seventy four. During this time, there were many historical and political conditions and threats to American citizens ranging from the fear of communism, a nuclear war and to the President(s) and government propaganda about the war. The Cold War was a political war between the US, and the Soviet Union was a contention that significantly affected American foreign policy and American domestic policy, the Cold War was a worldwide struggle over the future of freedom from communism (Cold War Era, 2012). The Soviet Union’s success in taking over control a portion of Eastern Europe in the early part of the Cold War and the victory of Chinese Communism in the same time period contributed to a pervasive sense of danger and threat in the United States. The threat to the US was the possible enemy infiltration of the government (communism) and its military departments. The communist goal was to put fear in the American minds. “US policy was centered on preventing the spread of Communism, although the final aim was to erase it entirely” (Cold War Era, 2012). Starting from nineteen forty five to nineteen fifty three when foreign policy was formed by “U.S. and Soviet tensions the U.S. was plagued with anticommunist hysteria. From “nineteen fifty four to nineteen seventy four when the hot war exploded in Vietnam and the U.S. was divided by massive protests - from those who opposed the war, from black Americans who were tired of oppression, and from students rebelling against paternalistic governmental and educational institutions” (Cold War, 2012).
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