Cold War Dbq Essay

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When the 1950s came around, the United States was taken over by a sense of conformity. The effects of the Great Depression of the 1920s and 30s, and the effects of World War II left many Americans weary and shell-shocked. All Americans wanted during this time was peace but that was not exactly what happened. Because of new developments that occurred, in politics, economics, and culture. The various actions of the United States and the Soviet Union during this time period led to the heightened tensions between the two nations. Although the Soviet Union and America were allies in World War II, they disagreed on many wartime topics. President Franklin D. Roosevelt and Winston Churchill had made agreements that allowed the U.S. to fight a war in the pacific prior to entering Europe. The policy was one that angered Stalin. (Doc B) Stalin felt that the Soviets had “carried the major burden of winning the war” without any U.S. aid. The general feeling amongst Stalin is that the Soviets should have the greatest voice in determining peace. (Doc B) Stalin felt that the Soviets deserved more control in Europe...Truman stated early on that he was against Soviet control in Europe. Truman even went as far as saying that if the Soviets were winning, he would help out the Germans. (Doc A) This shows how Truman looked at the Soviet Union and their control. Although Truman resented communism, post war relations turned out to be fairly calm. Truman gave away more aid to the Soviets than FDR would have but this solidified out relations with the Soviets. Post World War II, the United States began to fear the spread of communism in Europe and around the world. The United States began to take action about Soviet influence. The United States was in fear that the communistic ideals in Europe would spread to the United States, and the government feared that the United States would turn

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