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Conceptions of the Cold War Kaplan University October 28, 2013 I conducted interviews about the Cold War with my husband, my brother in-law who is in the Army, and my neighbor who is an ex-navy soldier. These interviews turned out to be very emotional but a good learning experience. Here is a brief summary of the Cold War before I get into the interviews. The Cold War was a prolonged battle of wills, posturing and threats between communist Russia and the United States of America. Although no direct military conflict between the two nations ever ensued, the world was caught up in the constant threat of nuclear proliferation. Allies on both sides of the struggle were used as pawns in the power struggle; NATO on the American ticket and the Warsaw Pact on the Russian’s. From 1945 until the collapse of the communist bloc countries in 1991, the Cold War dominated headlines, international politics and the mindset of people everywhere. It was not until two men assumed power in each nation that recognition of the need for change began: Ronald Reagan and Mikhail Gorbachev would change the world forever by ending the Cold War (, 2012). My first interview was with my husband (S. C. Gonzales, October 25, 2013). When I asked him what Cold War meant to him, he said, “I remember learning a little about it in high school. It was a war between the Soviet Union and America about a few things. Nuclear warfare and both countries trying to out power one another but without physically going to war with one another. I remember them using space exploration as a Cold War competition between one another.” He said that he could not remember a whole lot about it. The second interview I did was with my brother in-law (R. Bailey, October 26, 2013). As I started to interview him, he seems to know quite a bit about the Cold War. When I asked him the first

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