Cold War Essay

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When doing interviews on three people around me, I concluded that I needed to ask more than three people. The first three people I asked all looked at me like I had no idea what I had just asked. I first asked my neighbor who is 25 and graduated a year after me from high school; I thought for sure she would know something about the Cold War. When I asked her what she thought of when she heard Cold War, her response was, “Well it is cold?” This was definitely not the answer I was expecting from her. I asked her while in school did she remember learning anything on the Cold War and she said, “Not on the war specifically, other wars yes, this war was only glanced upon in school.” She did mention it having to deal with the Nazi’s and Germany, but that is all she could remember. So I moved onto to my younger sister who actually never graduated from high school, but she is also 25 and I figured maybe she would have heard something about the Cold War so I asked her the same question I asked my neighbor, I asked what she thought of when she heard Cold War. She looked at me puzzled and asked me what I was talking about. While I was laughing I moved on and asked my husband what he thought of the Cold War and his response was, “It was a war.” He said he does remember learning about it in high school but it was not a war that they went into great detail about. He said they spoke about World War II and the Vietnam War. By talking with three people I did not get a lot of information about the Cold War, so I moved onto another neighbor who is slightly older than me and would probably know something about the Cold War. When I asked him what he thought of when someone mentioned the Cold War, he said it was a small war that went on after a large war or before another large war started; which sounded funny to me because I had never heard of such a thing. When I asked him who he thought

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