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Cold War Essay

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  • on January 4, 2009
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From 1940 to the early 1990s, the United States and the Soviet Union fiercely competed to prove that they were the superior nation.   The two rivals tried to out-do each other in terms of technology, military, and economy in a period known as the cold war, a war between capitalism and communism. The war was never engaged directly, due to the fact that both sides had enormous amount of nuclear weapons. After 50 years, the cold war came to a close in the 1990s with the Soviet Union’s downfall. This resulted in the U.S being the only superpower in the world.

            Many believed that the start of the cold war was shortly after the period following World War II, when Soviet Union became a communist country rising from the Russian revolution. The Russian Revolution was a series of events in Russia. The revolutions had the effect of completely changing the society of the Russian Empire and transforming the Russian state. It led to the replacement of the Russian dictatorship with the Soviet Union. During this time, Americans were going through the Red Scare. They feared that communists would do a nuclear attack or spread communism to other countries.  
            The newly formed Soviet government planned on influencing Eastern Europe governments into communism. The United States was aware of this and became determined to stop the spread of communism. Due to the Soviets having the sphere of influence over Eastern Europe, all the US can do is to prevent communism spreading to Western Europe. In 1948 President Harry Truman decided to announce the Marshall Plan. The plan gave aid to any country that is threatened by communism. Once the plan
was in effect, President Truman helped the people whom were blockaded in West Berlin by the Soviets. Truman sent out planes containing supplies and dropped them in West Berlin. With supplies coming in to the people in West Berlin, the blockade was useless and was later lifted. This made the tension between the two...

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