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Cold Mountain Essay

  • Submitted by: shuhanwen
  • on April 10, 2011
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Cold Mountain
      People usually begin a journey to achieve a goal or arrive a destination, but more importantly, through the journey, they can find a self they have never noticed before or create a new self who adapts to the current environment. In Charles Frazier’s Cold Mountain, the Cold Mountain is the destination the Inman wants to arrive at. Although not physically starting a journey, Ada goes through a mental journey which causes physical and spiritual changes in her. Metaphorically, she reaches Cold Mountain through achieving spiritual contentment and tranquility. By depicting the progress and transformation happened in Ada, Frazier shows that people can reach the spiritual zenith by going through a journey of introspection and self-perfection, and uses the book to inspire people to find their own pathway to the Cold Mountain.
      For Ada, the real rift comes after Monroe’s death, which forces Ada to live alone. When she first arrived at Black Cove, she was a delicate young lady who mirrored many aspects of the luxury life in Charleston; “She was filled with opinions on art and politics and literature and ready to argue the merits of her positions” (30). She was not able to fit in the country life in Black Cove very well, “Ada stood at the edge of the graveyard looking altogether foreign and beautiful and utterly awkward. Everyone else wore woolens against the damp chill, but Ada had on an ivory-colored linen dress with lace at the collar and sleeves and hem. She seemed to have chosen it more by the calendar than the weather” (80). Ada’s deity clothes and behavior alienate her from the rest of people living in Black Cove and show that even though Ada left Charleston, her state have not changed yet. Ada was tightly dependent on Monroe and lack of a sense of certainty and security; “Inman noted that every time she was approached, Ada took a step back until she fetched up against the headstone of a man who had fought in the Revolution” (80). On the one...

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