Cold Equations Essay

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In the story “The Cold Equations”, a young girl by the name of Marilyn stows away on an emergency space ship. She stows away in hopes of seeing her brother who was on a distant planet. The pilot of the space ship found Marilyn on board. Due to the fact that there wasn’t enough fuel for both of them, Barton was forced to jettison her into space. This story takes the physical laws of nature and puts them against the morals of humanity. As much as Barton wanted to save Marilyn, the physical laws of nature obviously prevailed, as there wasn’t he could do to save her. Barton has a difficult time accepting these laws that Mother Nature imposes on humanity. These rules were so harsh and non-forgiving where Barton, as well as most of humanity, are considering and apologetic. Marilyn was a young girl, with a bright future that made a mistake. To Barton the fatal punishment did not fit the crime so he honestly tried his hardest to save her. Knowing it was a futile effort, Barton called the mother ship “Stardust” in desperation that there was a slim chance Marilyn could be rescued, unfortunately there was not. Barton’s humanistic desire to save a life was not enough to stop the physical laws from taking place. However, to say Barton didn’t want to save Marilyn would be an inaccuracy. Even though the efforts are ineffectual, Barton still tries to save Marilyn from her death. He jeopardizes his own life by stalling her death as much as possible. Barton gave Marilyn her last final hour to grasp the fact that she was going to perish. Within that hour he gave her his notepad so she could write letters to her family members explaining her predicament. As a final aspiration for Marilyn, Barton let her call her brother to explain what happened. Barton didn’t jettison her until she spoke her last words with her brother. Barton also hoped that Marilyn’s brother might have solution

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