Cold Comfort Farm

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Tenzin Palkyi English 120 George Wallace 9/24/2012 Flora Poste’s Influence on the People of Cold Comfort Farm The film, “Cold Comfort Farm,” by Stella Gibbons is about a recently orphaned girl named, Flora Poste, who choses to move in with her relatives at Cold Comfort farm. Flora realizes that some changes need to be made to her new house in order for the farm to flourish. There is a clear distinguish in class between Flora and her cousins in Cold Comfort farm. Aunt Ada Doom runs Cold Comfort farm, but she never leaves the attic, except for when it’s time to count. Counting is a process the family uses to keep track of their farm’s livestock and products. In the film, Flora’s influence in the farm is different from other intervention of aristocratic movies that has been played earlier in the class because Flora’s purpose is to change the people so that they are able to go after their dreams rather than rot in the farm. Flora has a positive influence on the lives of the people in Cold Comfort farm, yet Aunt Ada Doom’s influence prevents the people from pursuing their dreams. Flora Poste is left penniless when her father dies with an allowance of hundred pounds a year. When Flora moves to Cold Comfort farm, she decides change the way people live their life and their way of thinking. In the beginning, the movie seems to be like any other movie depicting upper class’s trivial life and the manipulation of situation to benefit their lives, and etc. As the movie progresses, the director reveals that Flora’s intentions are pure. When Flora reaches the farm, she has no intention of taking over the farm. She does not criticize the people for living their life in fear. She just observes their lifestyle. This shows that Flora is an open-minded individual who is willing to understand other’s perspective. Being from the city, Flora shares a modern view, which is what she

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