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Discuss Coke and Pepsi’s current situation. The strategic interaction between the two companies allowed the creation of a “healthy" competition, where both companies need each other in order to remain competitive. Coca-Cola's and Pepsi Cola’s marketing strategies has been as impossible to tell apart as the products themselves, both companies rely on vibrant colors, catch phrases, attractive people, and famous entertainers to grab consumer’s attention and to entice them into purchasing their products. In 1941 Coca-Cola officially renamed their product to “Coke” as an official trademark with a series of advertisements informing consumers that “Coke” means Coca-Cola (Coca-Cola, 2011). Pepsi was first introduced as " Drink" in 1898 by Caleb Bradham its inventor who created Pepsi at his home, it was later that Bradham changed the name and officially named the beverage Pepsi Cola (Pepsico, 2011). The continual changing of Pepsi and Coca-Cola management assisted in facilitating the brands image according to what they envisioned as a gainful competitive approach, this style and approach is what makes Pepsi-Cola and Coca-Cola obviously unique. The intention of Coca-Cola's advertisements was to intentionally position their product in consumer’s minds in order to capitalize on its acceptance. This strategy would in some way or another have a connection to the changing of social values of that particular period. Coca-Cola’s advertisement is always up to par by staying in touch with the new generation, era, and trends. While Coca-Cola slogans have always centered on the product, Pepsi's advertisement focused more on the users of the product and its demographic setting rather that the product itself like Coke. Pepsi foresaw the mass demand of the youthful generation for soft drinks, and changed the way they marketed their product. The marketing strategies began to take a

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