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Personal Essay with GEMS support Michael Simpkins COLL100 AMU Mrs. Linda Algozzini The goal of life is to always advance, never retreat or stay the same. In today’s society earning a college degree is how you do this. Along the path you learn about yourself and how you learn. You also learn many ways to learn faster and more efficient. I want to earn a college degree to better the life my children will grow up in. I have always been told, “Life is all about goals and learning along the way.” Everyone will ask you why you want to college degree. Most say to get a better job; I want to earn more money. For me it is much more than money and a better job, I will be the first person to earn a college degree in my family for more than seven generations. I want to make it a normal thing in my family to not just make it through high school but rather graduate from college…show more content…
I have learned many Tips to help me have a better learning relationship and relationship period with my wife, by reading the first few chapters of Learn More Know. I would get frustrate with my wife for wanting to talk or discuss a topic of home work while I was completely it, but after reading “People learn so they have more to talk about with other people.” (Connor 2004) I finally understood that my wife was a relationship-motivated learner. It was like a light came on for me in being able to work and study better with her, than get frustrated or mad at her. I am a Team Coach as my Grand Type by the GEMS essay. Which really is no surprise to me because that is what I do to make a living. Leading is a natural thing for me but I was surprised to see that one of my traits was Liked by Others. I do not feel like this is accurate at all considering my subordinates tend to truly hate having to work for me because I am so demanding on them. I find that having the people that work for you fear you, is much easier than them liking

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