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“Coke” by Philip Dacey talks about how a kid finds coco-cola as the resolution to the worlds problems, he sees it like a goddess. But not only that he compares the presidents job is about the same as his dad, in other words being business partners, also refers to coca-cola as “America” ,and lastly he talks about how it would have been different if the drink was around during Jesus crusification, which was really disturbing. The poem was satire; he was being ironic and sarcastic. He was making fun of America values by making it seem like nothing is taken to serious in this country. “I believe our president and my dad are business partners. My dad said someday coke would be sold in every country in the world and when that happened there would be no more wars” (Dacey, line 21). By stating this he was trying to let us know that the war that was going on at the time was because there was no coke around, but when coke spread world wide the war stopped and its joy spread all around the world, which its ridiculous that a drink its going to stop a war or spread joy all over the world, which from what I understand his trying to call America uptight. At the beginning of the poem he begins to talk about the logo on his dad pockets. Then he states” Coca-cola was America” (Dacey, line 4). He’s comparing a drink to the people in America, which means that anyone can manipulate us and swallows us since were worthless. But then he states “we were all brothers and sisters in the family of man” (Dacey, line 13). This shows that woman didn’t have an important role in the house hold, well at least to the author’s point of view. “And sometimes I even though of his son on the cross, getting vinegar but wanting coke. I knew that if I had been there, I would have handed a coke up to him, who would have figured out how to take it, even though his hands were nailed down
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