Coke Mentos Eruption

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Question: What number of Mentos need to be dropped into a bottle of Diet Coke in order to get the maximum amount of soda displaced? Hypothesis: We believed that because of the relatively small size of the bottle, the greatest amount of soda displaced would be achieved when 5-6 Mentos were dropped into it. We chose this amount because after watching numerous videos, this looked to be the most popular amount. Research: To figure out why the two products reacted in a geyser-like way, we researched (both by text and online), and found good explanations from The Encyclopedia of Earth and Physical Science, The McGraw-Hill Encyclopedia of Science and Technology, and Science and Technology Illustrated. We related these explanations to our experiment, figuring that if you use too few mentos, there would only be a minimal amount of "fizzing," displacing a small amount of soda. But if you added too many Mentos, the surface area for the bubbles to form on would be very large, and the carbon dioxide in the bottle would be used at a rapid rate, leaving little time for pressure to build in the bottle and displace soda. THE EXPERIMENT Independent Variable: # of Mentos Dependent Variable: Diet Coke displaced (mL) NOTE: To ensure accurate data, we made sure that all the bottles of soda were opened just before being tested, and we ensured that weather was not a factor in the experiment whatsoever. The Materials: 12 bottles of Diet Coke (591ml each) 4 Packages of Mint Mentos 1 Graduated Cylinder (ml) Mentos released valve Goggles **Paper and tape The Procedure: 1. Open up one bottle of your diet coke and place on a flat surface. 2. Open your box of mentos and take out two mints. 3. Drop the mints into the Diet Coke and stand back.** 4. Wait for the Coke to calm down. 5. Pour the remaining Diet Coke into a graduated

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