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Introduction This assignment aims to decode a message from one of Coca Cola’s advertisement. First off, it describes the background of the ad as well as where and when it has been seen. Then, it identifies the target market and justifies whether the target market is appropriate for the brand. Next, it explains why the strategy used is effective and in what ways did the ad use to persuade the audience. Lastly, the assignment ends with a conclusion to summarise the ad analysis. Background The coca cola friendly machine advertisement is formed to celebrate International Friendship Day. In Coca-Cola Argentina, it has installed a unique 12-feet. tall vending machine, which could only be reached with a boost from a friend or more. Friends who completed the task received not one, but two Coke bottles for the price of one. This ad has come across to me August last year when mutual friends of mine from Argentina posted this commercial ad in a social networking site,Facebook and to further engage myself, I Youtube-ed the video. Target Market Identification Mela, Gupta, & Lehmann (1997) stated that demographics help us to understand the buyers while psychographics help with why they buy (internal attributes). Demographic Attributes Demographic approach has been known to be the best predictor of consumer behaviour. Since the advertisement happened in a high school and shopping centre environment, the target market would most likely focused on specific age group like Teenagers aged 13-19 and Young Adults/Adults from Generation Y & X. They are described as highly conformist, narcissistic & fickle consumers and are brand disloyal respectively (Belch, Belch, Kerr & Powell, 2014). Psychographic Attributes This approach focuses on a market with similar interest, values or lifestyle. Based on the age groups in demographics, consumers here tend to have sociable

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