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ETHICAL RECOVERY? Despite Coca-Cola's problems, consumers surveyed after the European contamination indicated they felt that Coca-Cola would still behave correctly during times of crises. The company also ranked third globally in a PricewaterhouseCoopers survey of most-respected companies. Coca-Cola managed to retain its strong ranking while other companies facing setbacks, including Colgate- Palmolive and Procter & Gamble, were dropped or fell substantially in the rankings. Coca-Cola has taken the initiative to counter diversity protests. The racial discrimination lawsuit, along with the threat of a boycott by the NAACP, led to Daft's plan to counter racial discrimination. The plan was designed to help Coca-Cola improve employment of minorities. When Coca-Cola settled the racial discrimination lawsuit, the agreement stipulated that the company (1) donate $50 million to a foundation to support programs in minority communities, (2) hire an ombudsman who would report directly to CEO Daft, (3) investigate complaints of discrimination and harassment, and (4) set aside $36 million for a seven-person task force and authorize it to oversee the company's employment practices. The task force includes business and civil rights experts and is to have unprecedented power to dictate company policy with regard to hiring, compensating, and promoting women and minorities. Despite the unusual provision to grant such power to an outside panel, Daft said, "We need to have outside people helping us. We would be foolish to cut ourselves off from the outside world." Belgian officials closed their investigation of the health scare involving Coca-Cola and announced that no charges would be filed against the company. A Belgian health report indicated that no toxic contamination had been found in Coke bottles, even though the bottles were found to have contained tiny traces of

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