Cohester Group Case Essay

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Dear Director of 1 Cochester Group, It has been a real pleasure to work under your supervision and leadership for the past 3 years as an event manager. Throughout the past 3 years, we have seen the growth of 1 Cochester Group as one of Singapore's most well-known lifestyle dining groups through winning several restaurant excellence awards. In order for us to emerge as the head of the Singapore dining groups, we will need to increase our standard of customer services during busy peck periods in June and December. The huge staff turnover rate has resulted in lack of well-trained service staffs that leads to the loss of customers due to low service standards. Since the mission of our group is about “Hosting Great Memories”, this call for an urgent need to improve the welfare of our staffs and reduce the unnecessary turnover rate to regain the trust of customers. The root of the problem lies in the lack of an integrated fast communication system between 1 Host and the restaurants outlets. I proposed that we replaced the current emailing system with a custom communication platform called 1-Instant where event and restaurant managers communicate details instantly. This will effectively reduce last minute activation of staffs. With less turnover rate, customers will experience higher standards of service by satisfied and well-trained staffs. In the following paragraphs, let me elaborate more on the details of the proposal to improve our customer service and regain the trust of customers. Communication Issue The diagram below shows the current communication flow that happen during each event. Firstly, the event manager will work out with the needs of the client for each event. After working out the exact details, the event manger will email the restaurant managers and run through the execution of the events while communicating with outside suppliers for

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