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Cohesion & Coherence In Standards In Translation Essay

  • Submitted by: relmalky
  • on June 15, 2011
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Below is an essay on "Cohesion & Coherence In Standards In Translation" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.


    A definition for the rubric of cohesion and a list of its constituents has always been so handy, especially for the English language. Whereas in replying to the question "what is coherence about?" a general statement has typically been quoted: "it is about the underlying semantic relations resulting from cohesion in any stretch of discourse". To satisfy a student of linguistics who needs to feel that he/she has a tangible set of criteria to investigate just as those available to explain cohesion, this statement is not enough. By further researching this complex issue, the same student realizes that every branch of linguistics has its own explanation for the coherence topic (psycholinguistics, pragmatics, sociolinguistics…etc). Moreover, a single, unified and agreed-upon model for describing both cohesion and coherence in Arabic, (and therefore analyzing the challenges they present for Arabic-English translation) is not available. This research hopes to consult as comprehensively as possible the findings of relevant research, in the attempt to map out a model that determines the basic categories responsible for maintaining -through translation-the qualities of cohesion and coherence; two of the main pillars on which discourse textuality relies. It suggests a seed for scheming-out together the various standards for describing and gauging such characteristics, and investigating the degree to which they can present difficulties for translation.

Purpose and scope of the study

    The main problems which motivate this research are 1) the incompatibility between the linguistic tools used to realize the same cohesive functions in each of the Arabic and English languages, especially on the level of form (cohesion) and therefore 2) the need to adopt   a comprehensive framework, that takes function as its starting point, through which one can start tracing and analyzing cohesive qualities in discourse.   Hence, the purpose of the study, is: 1) to...

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