Cognitive Theory Essay

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Mohamed Morshed Homework 3 July.14.16 Zygote is a fertilized egg that goes through an extensive cell division for development, after two weeks of division and development the zygote becomes an embryo that continue the development for two months. In the two months period the outer past of the egg attaches to the wall of the uterus forming the placenta. The fetus starts developing from nine weeks till the birth of the baby, and during the fetus is the stage where the embryo starts to take a human formation. Moreover, while the fetus is developing by the sixth month internal organs stats to form and the baby would respond to outside voices (i.e. moms voice). However, Teratogens, also known as “monster maker”, that damages the development of the embryo and/or the fetus. Foe example, teratogens can be carried via nicotine from cigarettes that decrease the amount of oxygen the baby receives and it increases the chances for the baby to become addicted. Another example, a mother who consumes cocaine would lead the deformation of the baby. Piaget focused on the development of the kid’s mind in order to understand “ mind development”; therefore, he stated that children have their own understanding, framework. He called it schema, which is a framework children use to interpret new experience. Piaget divided chider’s mind development into two categories, (1) assimilation: is to interpret a new experience based on an existed knowledge; for example, if a child knows what dog looks life, then he/she would call a cat “ dog”. (2) Accommodation is two build a new schema, a new framework; for example, when the former child is correct by his/her parents of the difference between cats and dogs, the child is then able to distinguish between the two. Sensory adaptation is when a person become unaware of a consistent stimulation, i.e. when a person comes in a room that smells bad,

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