Cognitive Psychology Essay

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What is Cognitive Psychology? Cognitive psychology is a part of psychology, which examines the internal mental processes of the brain. Language, memory and problem solving skills are such processes, which are observed to determine how people process different types of information. There have been many significant people in the past that have helped develop this field. Max Wertheimer, Kurt Koffka, Wolfgang Kohler and Jean Piaget were just a few that were very influential in developing the theories that are associated with cognitive psychology. Skinner, Pavlov and Watson played a huge role in the behavioral aspect of this field. The behavioral characteristic studies the external actions rather than looking into how the mind is processing the information. Cognitive psychology delves into the mind and asks questions such as “why” and “how” the mind works. The behavioral aspect focuses primarily on the outcome of the information that has been processed. “Until the 1950s, behaviorism was the dominant school of thought in psychology. Between 1950 and 1970, the tide began to shift against behavioral psychology to focus on topics such as attention, memory, and problem solving. Often referred to as the cognitive revolution, this period generated considerable research including processing models, cognitive research methods and the first use of the term “cognitive psychology.” (Wagner 2008). Milestones of Cognitive Psychology as a Discipline… Other founding fathers of cognitive psychology created milestones in the development of the study. Dr. Beck produced some of the first books on cognitive therapy. Beck’s theories were closely tied to the teachings of both Adler and Ellis. Ellis taught a theory involving rational emotive therapy, which evolved from Adler’s teachings. Adler influenced the majority of the

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