Cognitive Observation Essay

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Goals & Objectives: To assist Leo in developing his cognitive skills. Planning: * What is the value of this experience: The value of this experience is to develop his cognitive skills by naming and recognising the picture using memory card. * Strategies used to foster learning: * Recognising what picture it is * Naming what picture it is. * Materials/resources required: * Memory cards Observation & Reflection: Leo 4 minutes 2/3 2013 Today Leo sat on the puzzle table while Miss Nicole handed out the memory game . Miss Nicole picked up a picture of a cat and gave it to Leo. Leo took a hold with both hands on the table while staring at it , Miss Nicole said to Leo’’ What animal is this’’? He rolled his eye which he did not say a word. Miss Nicole gave clues to Leo while she said ‘’ Miao’’ . He then realised in hearing the familiar sound he soon picked it up by saying is a ‘’cat’’ to Miss Nicole. He continued to recognise the rest of the pictures. He knew them correctly by saying horse, sheep, dog, pig and penguin. Interpretation: Fine motor: the assistance handed out the memory cards while Leo takes a hold of the picture cards with both hands on the table. Cognitive: The assistance helps him by giving him clues in one of the pictures which was a cat noise. He knew the rest of the pictures such as horse, sheep, dog, pig and penguin. Follow up: Encourage Leo to do the same task by recognising and naming all the memory cards so that he can get used to it with less assistance. Evaluation: Leo is well developed in his cognitive skills. He is able to recognise most of the animals correctly , but needed assistance to help him by recognising the sound of the animals. However Leo needs improvement in recognising and naming all the memory card with less assistance this time. ( Refer to EYLF Outcome 4,

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