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Cognitive Learning Theories Essay

  • Submitted by: justsimplykate21
  • on April 14, 2011
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Katlyn Daugherty
Educational Psychology
Professor Mildren
5 April, 2011
Cognitive Learning Theories
      Why does it seem so difficult to learn the three basic theories of learning? Why do the names of theorists appear connected to more than one theory? Why do the terms and strategies of each theory overlap? There are so many questions that need to be answered which is why I have chosen cognitive learning theories as my topic for the research paper. I found many articles and internet sites that dealt with learning theories. I found a lot of very useful information. When I stopped finding new information, and the articles were reaffirming what I had read I found it was time to start forming a paper. (instructional design and learning theory)
      Reading about the development of learning theories and their connection to instructional sparked an interest, for me, in the many different aspects of the development of other theories in learning. Besides behaviorism, cognitivism and constructivism people could discuss so many other topics, such as, connoisseurship, semiotics, and contextualism, but I decided that a clear understanding of the basic learning theories would be the best place to start. (instructional design and learning theory)
      In this paper, I am going to explain cognitive learning theories. In order to give a decent background I think it would be best to start out with some definitions:
Behavorism:   Based on observable changes in behavior. Behaviorism focuses on a new behavioral pattern being repeated until it becomes automatic.
Cognitism:   Based on the thought process behind the behavior. Changes in behavior are observed, and used as indicators as to what is happening inside the learner's mind.
Constructivism:   Based on the premise that we all construct our own perspective of the world, through individual experiences and schema. Constructivism focuses on preparing the learner to problem solve in ambiguous situations.
(Schuman, 1996)...

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