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Cognitive Learning Essay

  • Submitted by: lflannagan
  • on June 10, 2011
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Cognitive Learning Theory

      Cognitive learning is a very important learning tool that we can use to teach students information that is hard for them to retain. Cognitive learning derives from several theories and could be a great tool to use while planning curriculums in today’s school systems. Cognitive learning theory can be defined as a learning theory that attempts to explain human behavior through the understanding of their thought process. Cognitive learning theory eludes that an individual’s thoughts influence their behavior and response to certain situations.   In Cognitive learning individuals learn by listening, watching, touching, reading, and others actions. Cognitive learning focuses on how each of these components is affected by morals and the surrounding environment. According to the cognitive theory, it is very important to change a person’s thoughts and beliefs in order to change his or her behavior. Social learning theory is considered to be the direct link between behaviorist and social cognitive learning. Therefore; there are two important components of cognitive learning and they are social cognitive and cognitive behaviorism.

      Social Cognitive theory is a sub-set of cognitive theory that focuses on the influence of peers on a person’s behavior. As my mother would always say, “you are who you hang around”, is a great way to describe the social cognitive theory.   It is the human’s nature to desire a since of belonging, this is especially relevant in a school setting. For example, an average student will learn habits and characteristics of students that they can directly relate to, whether they share the same likes or dislikes or were raised in similar environments. Also, some students usually immolate individuals or groups of individuals they inspire to be like. In both situations these actions are reflective of the principles social cognitive theory.

      As stated by Albert Bandura, the farther of the social learning theory,...

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