Cognitive Interview Essay

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TRACY ANTWI-BOASIAKO COGNITIVE INTERVIEW The cognitive interview is a method of interviewing based on techniques to improve memory recall. The questioning techniques are used by the police to help to retrieve information from a witness. The 4 techniques include recalling information in a different narrative order where witnesses are encouraged to recall backward from the end to the beginning, recalling information from different perspective where witnesses are asked to describe what others might have seen, witnesses are asked to recall information during an incident into details, even that they think might not be vital and also witnesses are asked about their general life on the day of incident such as the feeling, weather etc. The interviewer tries to mentally reinstate the environmental and personal context of the crime for the witness. The use of the cognitive interview was encouraged by Geislemen study to set out to investigate the effectiveness of the cognitive interview. Participants watched a violent film for 48hours and were interviewed using one of three methods of interviewing techniques: the cognitive interview, a standard interview and interview using hypnosis. The number of facts recalled accurately and the number of errors were recorded. The average fact accurately recalled from the cognitive interview was 41.2, standard interview was 29.4 and hypnosis was 38.0.They concluded that the cognitive interview leads to better memory for events and witnesses are able to recall a lot more information as compared to a standard interviewing technique. Kohen et al completed meta-analysis of 53 students and found that 34% increase in correct recall using the cognitive interview when compared to a standard interview technique. This study supports the cognitive interview and suggest that witnesses are able to recall a lot more information on an event using
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