Cognitive Intervention

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Cognitive Intervention Paper Cognitive Intervention Paper No matter what program a person is willing to go through in order to make their lives better or deal with their inner demons, or deal with what has happen during childhood or adult hood cognitive intervention will help the person overcome. Cognitive intervention will allow clients and participants to learn as well as practice steps of cognitive self-change settings that have more than one person which is a group setting. With cognitive intervention this also allows the clients or participants to examine their thoughts, their attitudes, and what they believe. While relating to abuse no matter if it is substance, physical, gambling, or even criminal activity the cognitive intervention…show more content…
Cognitive interventions will help the participant maintain long term changes of their behavior. Cognitive interventions are not only used within a 12 step program but in therapy as well. It can also be used within a school setting, dealing with an older population and those who may have learning disabilities. Cognitive intervention is a wonderful tool to use when a patient is willing to go through counseling for any problems that is hard to handle on their own. This tool is one of many that will not only help the client or participant to overcome those obstacles that they cannot handle on their own but help them realize why they have not been able to overcome. In doing so they will know how to deal with whatever comes their way in the future. Countering Rational-emotive therapy or RET is a “humanistic, existentially oriented approach designed to assist clients to make a profound philosophic change” (Weinrach, S., 2006, p. 218).…show more content…
Once these methods are put into effect, a few goals would be to make clients more aware of their self-talk and internal dialogue and particularly of their self-defeating beliefs, so that they will be able to think more rationally, clearly, logically and self-helping. Other goals would be to teach the child to evaluate their thinking, feeling and behavior in order to experience more healthy emotions and fewer dysfunctions; to teach the skills to use rational emotive behavioral principles so he or she will act more functionally and be better able to achieve his or her goals in life (Wilde,

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