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Cognitive Development In Adolescence Essay

  • Submitted by: lanalal
  • on November 16, 2011
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A Comparative Study of Cognitive Development in Adolescence.

Individual maturation and development have implications for the teaching-learning situation.   Teachers need to understand maturation and development in order to plan lessons and academic or co-curricular activities that are developmentally appropriate (Eggen & Kauchak, 2007).   Maturation refers to genetically predetermined physical changes that occur as an individual grows older.   However, it must be noted that while maturation may be genetically prewired, it is also dependent on proper nutrition and other environmental factors like exercise (Santrock, 2008).   Thus, the extent to which certain genetic traits find their manifestation in observable characteristics or behavior is dependent on environmental factors.   Unlike maturation, development refers to the qualitative changes in thought processes and abilities that occur as individuals mature. For example, nine year old children may not be able to formulate the answer to an algebraic question with their minds; however it is when they are past fifteen years of age that they can perform such an act.   Adolescents can focus on verbal assertions and evaluate their logical validity without making reference to real-world circumstances. In contrast, concrete operational children can evaluate the logic of statements by considering them against concrete evidence only.   Researchers in human development argue that due to canalization, adolescent maturation and development is relatively uniform across cultures. However, most of this “development” research was conducted in first world and developing countries.   This suggests that development in lesser developed countries and small island states may not be as uniform as that of more developed countries.   As such, it might be useful and valuable to assess the development and maturation of individuals at different stages of the life-span in lesser developed countries so that such data can be situated...

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