Cognitive Development Essay

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A Critically Self-Reflective Paper Gerron Thomas Introduction to Psychology Mr. Lewis October 4, 2007 Table Of Contents A Critically Self-Reflective Paper 4 Appendix A 9 Interview Questions 12 References 9 Cognitive Development A Critically Self-Reflective Paper Born on the 4th day of November 1981, Gerron Thomas was a very active child. My mother reiterates the story of how I got my first nickname “Bruce Lee”. She explained that at about 4 months I was just always kicking in my crib, grabbing hold of anything or anyone that got in my way. My mother told me she was always busy around the house and that led me to use my finger as a source of comfort as I was always crying. At 15 months my favorite toy was my little plastic toy soldier, this was used during my baths to keep me occupied especially when my mom was about to wash my feet which I was very afraid of. Now 26 years of age my best source of comfort is still my finger that I have been sucking on from birth. At this stage of my life, Jean Piaget would suggest I was developing Sensor and Motor skills or in my Sensory Motor stage of my development. The stage during which sensory input and motor responses become coordinated (Coon, 2004, p.122). My father told me my little brother had mistakenly dropped a marble in my crib. He was just about to feed me when he noticed my mouth was a bit puffy, as I had took the marble that my brother left in my crib and inserted it in my mouth. As according Jean Piaget, this was the process of assimilation where babies “take in” objects. (Walsh M, 2005, p.121) At 7 months, my mother would sometimes hide my toy soldiers under my blanket to stop me from throwing them out of the play pen, as she knew I would not search for them. At this stage Piaget would suggest I had not yet mastered the concept of object permanence, where I was

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