Coffee the World's Most Popular Drink Essay

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Peopte oll over the world drink coffee. It is the world's most populor drink. The French coll it caf6, ttre Germons kaffee, .tlrre ]oponese koohi, the Turkish kahve. But the people of Sweden drink the most coffee-more thqn five cups a day. Over holf of Americon odults drink it every doy, but not os much os in Sweden. Too much coffee is bod for your heolth. we don,t know who reolly discovered coffee. There is o populor story obout o young mon who discovered coffee in Ethiopio, o country in Africo. Around the yeor 700, there wos o young mon colled Koldi who took cnre of goots. One doy, he wotched them while they were eoting some plonts. Soon ofter they ote the plonts, the goots become very excited, ond they did not sleep thot night. Koldi tried the plonts himself, ond he become very excited, too. Other people tried the plonts. They decided to boil the plonts and then drink the liquid. They too couldn't sleep well ot night. This drink become populor ond went from Ethiopio to Arobio. By 12OO, it wos o populor drink in the Arob world. The word coffee comes from the Arob word qahwah. Coffee then troveled from Arobio to Turkey, Europe, ond the rest of the world. Coffee hos been very populor in history. Mony fomous people loved coffee. The French writer Voltaire needed 72 cups every doy. In 1735, the Germon musicion |ohonn Sebostion Boch wrote music obout coffee. Another Germon musicion, Beethoven, counted 60 beans for eoch cup of coffee he mode. Thot wos strong! There ore coffee houses ond coffee bors oll over North Americo todoy. There ore bors with oll kinds of coffee. There ore different sizes ond flovors. There ore bors where you con use the Internet while you drink your

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