Coffee in the Philippines (Khandacelee) Essay

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Every morning when we wake up, coffee has been the key of our morning to be energetically complete. Every once in a while, a cup of coffee has been served to many people all through the day, specially to us Filipinos, who take coffee as easy as water. It is said that water may be the essential liquid for Earth’s life forms, but coffee really gets our body’s motor going. Each day, millions stagger to the kitchen coffee pot just to have a cup of it. Without even knowing where it really came from. Well, coffee beans come from a tropical evergreen shrub, which grow as high as 100 feet, although it is usually kept much shorter so that it can be maintained. The leaves look very similar to the leaves of a laurel bush, and the blossoms smell like jasmine. The average tree produces 1-1.5 pounds of roasted coffee per year. Coffee beans are in all actuality a seed that are contained in a bright red plump cherry. The coffee cherry has a thin skin, with a bitter flavor, and the inner portion is similar to a grape in texture and is quite sweet. A parchment, which is a slimy layer of mucilage, protects the bean. The coffee bean is a bluish color and is coated in a thin layer called a silver skin. For many people coffee is just a drink that acts as an alternative to tea or soda pop. For others, coffee is necessary for survival to help them stay awake during long meetings, and for some, coffee is an art that requires much planning and high efforts are made to maintain its best quality. In any case, coffee must travel through a complicated process before it reaches one’s cup. Coffee really enjoys an important role in the world’s economy today, being widely consumed as the most prestigious beverage. It is among the top ten agricultural crops in terms of value according to Agriculture Magazine. According to the World Trade, coffee ranks first among any other goods and it even

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