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Coffee and the Environment Essay

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Out of all the products in the world coffee is the world’s second most traded commodity, which is a good that can be bought or sold, so one would think that coffee growers would make a reasonable profit.   In reality, coffee farmers are living in poverty because they only make about $0.20 per pound of coffee.   Economic and agricultural problems in developing countries are associated with the unfair coffee trade.   About half of the total net exports of tropical countries are coffee.   Beginning in the late 1990s the price of coffee beans that farmers sold to companies had started to decline.   In contrast, the price of coffee for consumers had increased.   The decline of coffee prices has devastated coffee growing families around the world.   Most of these developing countries, such as Nicaragua, Brazil, Ethiopia, etc., depend on the production of coffee to keep their economies going.   Coffee farms are also causing damage to the environment and wildlife habitats.   If there were a way to make coffee production more economically and agriculturally sustainable, coffee farming families would have a better wage to live off of.   The decline in coffee prices negatively affects developing countries and can be attributed to price regulations and a fluctuating market; finding solutions to fix the problems of poverty and unfair pricing would help developing countries maintain a sustainable economy and prevent ecological damage.
Analyzing the methods of coffee farming reveals the effects they have on the environment.   There are two methods of growing coffee, shade grown coffee and sun grown coffee.   Historically coffee was grown under the shade of a forest canopy.   This method of shade grown coffee is more sustainable for farmers and the environment.   The forests surrounding these coffee farms provide numerous habitats for wildlife.   Researchers have found that these forests provide a home for about 150 species of birds, dozens of species of mammals, other endangered...

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