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Mr. TRAN CHANH TIN ID: 5739009 Coffee is a major income earner for Thailand. In recent years, Thai coffee has rising in popularity and for good reason. The country produces some of the world’s most complex tasting coffee varieties and has steadily been increasing production with increasing demand. Coffee is a significant cash crop for both producing and consuming countries. Thailand is the third largest producer in Asia ( after Vietnam and Indonesia). Major production is of robust a coffee, of which 80,000-85,000t are produced annually in the South. Sixty percent of the Robusta coffee is exported and the rest is mostly used in domestic production of instant coffee. The Arabica coffee producing areas on the highlands of Thailand, at the altitude 800 to 1,200m above mean sea level, are mostly categorized as watersheds or conservation areas. Under the National Forest Policy and Land Use Policy, many extensive agricultural activities will be limited in such areas, together with prohibition on agricultural chemical uses. In many Arabica coffee planting areas under the Coffee Promotion Program of the Royal Project Foundation, it has been shown that growing Arabica coffee with forest trees gives goods returns to farmers. Although the farmers have less management work and less investment, they still receive some returns and not a loss. Such diversification offsets the price fluctuations of coffee when these appropriate farming systems are introduced. Finally, Thai coffee is exceedingly difficult to procure outside of Thailand. They looked for years to find Thai coffees in the USA, but mostly what they find are powdered coffee mixtures with sugar and spices. Very sweet, they are intended to be used as a instant coffee or made into an iced drink. Arabica coffee is proactive in plans to distribute their line globally. Hopefully they

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