Coexistence Essay

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COEXISTENCE For my final in this class, I will be discussing coexistence. I will tell my opinion on whether or not religions can peacefully coexist together. I will talk about similarities of good or bad, similarities that different religions may share, and I will give you my hope and vision for a world with peaceful religions for the bettering of mankind and the world. I am going to do a PowerPoint presentation along with this paper. I hope it’s an enjoyable read/presentation for everybody. Lets get started shall we? So like I said before I am doing my paper on the Coexistence of religions in today’s society. First off, what is Coexistence anyways? Coexistence has several different definitions; here is a couple. First, it is simply to exist together (in time or place) and to exist in mutual tolerance. A second definition is a state in which two or more groups are living together while respecting their differences and resolving their conflicts nonviolently. Now, religions are coexisting today, but it is not in a peaceful manner by any means. From the video shown in class, there are 27 religious battles going on in our world today, and that’s just on a global setting. There are probably hundreds maybe thousands of small disputes in little towns that do not have a lot of exposure, they just are not known about. The goal that our society and all governments internationally should be trying to achieve is that all religions can live in harmony together with Peaceful Coexistence. For example, we should be able to have a Catholic family living in between a Jewish family and a Sikh family and have them be friends and be able to peacefully and respectfully discuss religion. Atheists, Muslims, and Buddhists should be able to be great friends and never dispute religions; after all, the main goal of all religions is all the same, inner peace and serenity. How
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