Coexistence Essay

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Simone Taylor ENGL 1304 Dr. Alcorn TTH 11:00-1:00pm “Why can’t we all just get Alone?” “Can we all just get along” a quote coined by Rodney King who suffered from police brutality in California would go on to become a worldwide peace mechanism that everyone could identify with. Comedians, Actors, and every day citizens use this quote in the context of preventing confrontation amongst others. One could consider this quote as validity of what coexistence stands for. Globally coexistence is to merely exist together during the same time period. This portrays that harmony does not have to exist, but on a microscopic level one typically views coexistence as a state of living in peace with one another as a matter of policy. Today’s society presents so many challenges that are roadblocks to achieving coexistence such as the instability of the economy, diverse ethnicities, crimes, and diseases. What are we doing to reach this level of existing in peace with one another? Houston is known as a melting pot of different cultures with various values, rituals, and morals that surprisingly converge to create something unique. When you consider the universal satisfaction known as food; Houston has allowed and promoted diversity by combining foods of different taste and backgrounds such as Tex-Mex. Just recently I visited Grand Luxe Café and there was an interesting dish that included an Asian, Indian, Creole, and Thai influence. The taste was interesting but the most unique thing was the combination; I consider this the ultimate example of coexistence. The food did clash as it created a weird taste, but that’s what coexistence is agreeing to disagree. Law enforcement alone is a strong enabler of coexistence. We definitely need rules to regulate and govern what goes on in a nation that’s filled with different personalities. Jails are created for those that cannot
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