Coed Gang Research Paper

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Ages 11 and 12 represent the more likely age at which a girl may enter a gang, usually to gain recognition from older females. By then, they will begin skipping school, drinking, experimenting with drugs, performing low-level crimes and engaging in sexual activity. The prime age at which females undergo their gang initiation appears to be around the ages of 13 and 14. Statistics show they are quite active in property crime such as larceny/theft, motor vehicle theft and burglary, as well as weapons offenses and violent assaults. They also are very likely engaging in sexual activity, and some are getting pregnant. Ages 15 through 18 represent the hardcore years of female gang activity. Crimes committed such as robbery and…show more content…
As members of a coed gang, the females may achieve much higher status because the males will entrust in them sensitive matters such as stashing drugs, weapons and money. In the latter, they may launder large amounts of cash for the gang. The females may also act as liaisons between the gang members on the streets and those in prison. Some authorities believe that they may be the primary players in bringing drugs into correctional facilities. Female leaders within coed gangs usually retain authority over the female portion of the gang and seldom rise to equal their male counterparts when it comes to making decisions. A female leader usually has a bond with a high-ranking male or may be a family member or perhaps a long-time gang member who grew up in the neighborhood and who has proved her ability and loyalty beyond question. In some cases, she may actually run the business of a male counterpart if the … some girls readily admit that they join because they are bored and look to gangs for a social life; they are looking for fun and excitement, and a means to find parties and meet boys. Eghigian-Kirby-2.qxd 5/10/2006 11:35 AM Page
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