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HES-SO Valais/ Wallis School of Management and Tourism Department of Tourism 741 - Basics of Communication Mini research project 2013 Co-dependency: A better understanding and learning to cope. Student : Simone Dimitriou Professor : Leonard Adkins Submitted on : 17/12/13 TOPIC STATEMENT I’m writing about co-dependency; learn more about the link between it and the types of relationships formed both in and around it; order to help my readers better understand the complex nature of co-dependency and its unpleasant effects in order for both the co-dependent and those around him, to better understand and in effect, better manage it. ABSTRACT I am writing about codependency, its nature, what help is available on the topic and how this is applicable to those who deem themselves codependent. My paper discusses the common characteristics of a codependent shared by the general analysis of codependents across the board, recognising codependency is an undefined, unclassified disease. This research paper explores the nature of this complex topic to enlighten those who feel or deem themselves codependents, to bring clarity in the un-clarity of its nature and perhaps shift the idea of searching for the ‘one-cure-all’ idea. There is, however, a more manageable and doable solution for codependents which is to recognise their weaknesses, and work on managing these more efficiently in the hopes to lead a better overall quality of life and enjoy better quality of relationships which exist and which may be formed. This is my key aim as I empathise with the people who struggle from such emotional and social hardships, I hope to allow others to join me on this note and at the same time for those who are the codependents, to realise that all is not lost and that there is always room for improvement of one’s situation as it were. Keywords:

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