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Assignment on “The Code of the Streets” What is “the code of the streets”? The code of the streets is a deeply rooted social set of rules put forth mainly by street-orientated people as a way of conserving their public behaviours, attitudes and social norms in inner city neighbourhoods otherwise known as “hoods”. In this code, which is never really spoken about rather just “known”, violence and gaining respect are two of the main issues. In many of these inner city communities surviving day-to-day weather it is getting three meals a day or literally living to see the next day are real legitimate concerns that many of us don’t ever really have to think about , making this way of life the very place where the code was born. This code outlines rules that have been established among street people that encourage people to always seek respect by participating in illegal acts, public humiliation of “weaker” individuals and protecting one’s manhood. It is a where violence is encouraged and praised whenever one may be challenged and where those who can put forth an appearance that shows strength and power using clothes or even their demeanor gains respect. The street code further goes on to outline that its followers should never become informants to police, never show emotion in the midst of being challenged and always respond using any means necessary when one may feel mistreated or disrespected. All of these rules that govern this street code are passionately protected, feared and accepted as law within these communities. How did the code of the streets come about? The code of the streets has come into existence through years and years of inner city people’s extreme sense of alienation and abandonment from society. To many of those who live in lower income neighbourhoods, society often views them as social outcasts. In this view, people that reside in

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