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Code of Ethics Paper Jody Long HCS 435 June 21, 2010 Bob Vella Code of Ethics Paper The code of ethics is a list of rules and policies that is used to get acceptable behavior from members of a group, association, or profession. Each organization has its own code of ethics to work by. Not only does a code of ethics help with the confidence in the organization but also can show that members are committed to the ethical guidelines that are set before them. The code of ethics usually starts with a section that sets the purpose, aspirations, and goals of the organization. [ (Smith, 2010) ] American Nurses Association Code of Ethics The American Nurses Association was started in 1896. The American Nurses Association’s mission was to establish certain standards of nursing practice, promoting the rights of nurses in the workplace, advancing the economic and general welfare of nurses. The American Nurses Association is responsible for developing the Code of Ethics for nurses. The goals of the American Nurses Association is to protect the nurses and to teach nurses how to be a professional nurse and to respect the patients regardless of race, color, smell, or looks. The code of ethics says that a nurse should be professional in all relationships, should practice as a nurse using compassion and respect for each and every individual, regardless of social or economic status, personal attributes or the nature of health problems. A nurse’s commitment is to the patient, whether it be an individual, family, group or community. A nurse should promote and protect the health, safety and the rights of their patients. A nurse owes the same duties to self as to others, such as: safety, maintain competence, and personal and professional growth. Nurses participate in establishing, maintaining, and improving healthcare environments. The nurse works with other members

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