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Business Ethics Code of Ethics Program Background of the company The following code of ethics program is created for a company I currently manage. I have changed the name of the company but all else is relevant. The company is small with only five of us on a permanent status. In addition we have fifteen very skilled specialists that work for us as required. These people are typically referred to as contractors in other organizations but we refer to everyone in the company as members. Everyone has a stake in the company and the contactor list is a closed one. People are added to the list when vacancies occur and they are able to buy in to the company. We have operated for about ten years in a rather loose fashion and during the last three courses I have taken at CSU I have come to the conclusion that we need to start formalizing certain aspects of the organization. I decided that this final project would be an excellent opportunity to begin with. The DVM Company manages extremely valuable assets for wealthy clients. Our primary focus is on ocean going vessels but we also take care of aircraft and real property. These assets are located all over the world and in some cases move from country to country. Everyone who is part of this company has a specialty that is typically unique from the others. This usually means everyone travels overseas quite a lot. Because we are involved with extremely valuable assets and are typically given complete and unsupervised access to them we believe that it is time to create a code of ethics, adopt it, implement it and make it a part of our culture. The system that I prefer is the values orientation system. We are seeking to develop shared values such as commitment and accountability and to downplay the punitive measures of the compliance orientation system. We established an ethical culture at the time we formed this

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