Code Of Ethics In Nursing Essay

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The American Nurses Association Code of Ethics for Nurses and the International Council of Nursing Code of ethics are important within the healthcare environment. Both sets of professional ethics allow nurses to develop a better understanding of the role ethics in the nursing field. Within the healthcare environment, both codes focus on nurses and their relationships with patients. The primary values include integrity, respectfulness, and supportiveness. These values should also be extended to not only patients, but families and co-workers. This specifically relates to my practice because there are instances where co-workers may not display the primary values previously detailed. My personal experience includes holding a procedure until a call-to-order…show more content…
Being a travel nurse, I do not feel comfortable adhering to this standard. In one instance, I did not allow the sedation until a physician was present. Looking back, I would not have done anything differently because the most important concept is patient safety. Giving sedation prior to a call-to-order, or time-out, is not focused on patient safety. One article detailed that when given an ethical dilemma it is important to “engage in a process of ethical analysis” (Chaloner, 2007, p.43). When I prevented the medication sedation, I decided that it was an ethical issue and that the patient’s safety was a priority. Another article states that it is advantageous if students “be introduced to the subject of a case before the dilemma arises” (Begley, 2006, p.262). I find this to be very appropriate because if I were presented with a scenario similar to this, I would have been more confident in my actions. Even though I feel that my action was correct, if a different situation would have occurred, I may not have felt as confident and may not have

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