Code of Ethics

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Code of Ethical Conduct Essay The National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC) has spent years developing and supporting early childhood education and has developed a model of ethics on which early childhood educators can rely. Caring for and educating young children is an awesome responsibility filled with challenging moments and difficult choices. Preschool and kindergarten teachers, as well as day care providers, are faced with many issues and situations that can challenge their consciences. The goal of NAEYC’s Code of Ethical Conduct is to inform, not prescribe, answers in tough decisions that teachers and other early childhood professionals must make as they work with children and families. The strategy inherent in the code is to promote the application of core values, ideals, and principles to guide decision making about ethical issues. All persons involved in the care of children should follow these guidelines. The Code is divided into sections: * Section I: Ethical responsibilities to children * Section II: Ethical responsibilities to families * Section III: Ethical responsibilities to colleagues (coworkers, employers, employees) * Section IV: Ethical responsibilities to community and society The Statement of Commitment is not part of the Code but is a personal promise of an individual’s willingness to embrace the distinctive values and moral obligations of the field of early childhood care and education. It states: First and foremost, Never harm children; Ensure that all programs are up to date; Support families in all nurturing task; Treat coworkers with respect as outlined in the Code; Be an advocate the children, families and teachers; Keep a high standard of professional conduct; Be willing to learn from others; Grow and contribute professionally; Honor and keep the Code. I feel under this code I am
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