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Code of Ethics Angie, Arreano October 22, 2012 Ethical Social Responsibility Yes, there is a social responsibility by the Department of Veteran Administration to the community. President George W. Bush once said “Our nation has no greater responsibility than to support our men and women in uniform especially because were at war”. Providing support and benefits to Veterans and their families is the Veteran Administrations primary function. Providing quality medical care and psychosocial care for veterans and their families are two ways that the Department Veterans Administration exemplifies their social responsibility as an organization. Quality care. One example of quality care is providing resources for veterans to better handle their medical care. Recently, the VA has made it possible for veteran patients to decrease their wait time inline at pharmacy’s and on the phone to make medical appointments with an online tool. This online tool, called My HealthVet, is used to access medical records, refill prescriptions, and to view medical appointments. ("My Health ", n.d.). Psychosocial care. In 2010 the Secretary of the Department Veterans Administration, Eric K. Shineseki stated, “No one, especially Veterans who have faithfully served our country, should become homeless. This Council’s work is critical to providing for those at risk and on the streets. This interagency partnership allows us to leverage our resources, programs, talent, and experience to create viable solutions that will eliminate homelessness”. The Department of Veteran Affairs and the Housing and Urban development combined their efforts to help homeless Veterans by enacting the Opening Doors: FEDERAL STRATEGIC PLAN TO PREVENT AND END HOMELESSNESS. These and other programs reflect the social responsibility that the VA, as a government organization, has set in place to help our Veteran

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