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Tanna Douglas Phase IV IP August 9, 2010 INTD670-1003A-01 According to the Code of Ethics for MV, there is a section illustrating the issue and rate examples of nepotism. The definition for nepotism is “favoring relatives”. This happens in the workplace when employers favor relatives in making employment decisions, with little or no regard for anything but kinship. In the near future there is a semiannual category review for electronics. The proposals from a few vendors have already been submitted; however, there are a couple of odd situations arising. The first is the vendor with a highly innovative video game console is where my aunt is the regional sales manager. Immediately the MV Code of Conduct dealing with nepotism and the section titled Conflict of Interest was completely dissected. MV’s policy regarding Conflict of Interest specifically states: “an associate should not have any direct or indirect interest in, or relationship to, any transaction to which MV or one of its subsidiaries is or will be party if such interest or relationship might influence, or appear to influence, that associate on the performance of MV duties, or otherwise give rise to the appearance of wrong-doing or a conflict of interest” ( Like other corporations and agencies, MV lists the specific “relationship” conflict of interest and my aunt would definitely fit the description listed. To uphold the most moral and ethical astute, it is essential to avoid such a situation or even the appearance of influence in the process of securing a product or service. My plan is to consult with my supervisor the upcoming issue and give the option to switch responsibilities during this annual event to another associate and when the final decision for vendor selection is made switch back. Even though this

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