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Code Of Ethics Essay

  • Submitted by: dj2345200
  • on February 12, 2012
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1. How does the police code of ethics clash with the values of the police subculture?
The police code of ethics clashes with the police values of the police subculture because in the police code of ethics the police is to lead by example, basically being that model citizen that every is supposed to look up to because they are looking out for the greater good of society and upholding the law. While on the other hand,   the police subculture is basically by any means necessary to get the job done even if that mean breaking the rules.
  2. What are the reasons for protecting one’s fellow officers by not telling the truth or coming forward and exposing their wrongdoing?
The reason for protecting a fellow officer is because each officer fell as though that there in the struggle against crime on their own and if they don’t have each other’s back then they can’t win. Also to they don’t want to be made out as a leopard or in other words an outcast by their fellow officers and get no backup when needed.
  3. What are arguments against such deception?
Arguments against   such deception is that particular officer being cast aside and set up to fail by his fellow officers by not backing him or her and basically being kicked out of the fold completely and exposing any and everything that he or she does.
  4. Would Citizen Review Boards help with addressing problems?
I don’t think that a citizen review board could help with addressing any problems because they aren’t out there like the officers patrolling the streets so there input wouldn’t really mean as much. To me it would just make matters worse.
5.  Is whistleblowing a good option to use?
Whistleblowing is a good option to use but also isn’t a good option. The reason why it’s a good option because all corrupt matters will be broke to the light and made aware of, but the reason that it isn’t because nobody doesn’t want to work with someone that they don’t trust and the matter that is coming to light can also come...

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