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Research Problem: What are the factors that decrease the production of coconut industry from General Objective The general objective of the study is to determine the factors that decreases the production of the coconut industry Specific Objectives This study specifically aims: • To identify the decreasing productivity of the coconut industry • To determine the effects of the decreasing production of coconuts • To study about the coconut production • To describe the resource capability of the Philippines to produce coconut Review of Related Literature The Philippines is one of the major producers of coconut in the world. Coconut trees involve 3.56 million hectares, around 1/4 of the more than 12 million hectares of rural harvest grounds of the Philippines. Coconut production is one of the major issue of the Philippines exporters company nationwide. The Philippine coconut was once the top exported product in the country but in the recent years Indonesia started producing the most coconut as well as India, Sri Lanka, Brazil, Thailand, Vietnam, Mexico, Papua New Guinea and Tanzania. With the often calamities occuring in the Philippines, Philippine coconut trees became feeble and need to be replaced, since a coconut tree consumes a lot of time about 8-10 months until it is fully grown, it needs to be nurtured and remain uncontaminated. And the most recently just happened is a virulent infestation that happened in Batangas that almost wiped out all the coconuts. With these things happening in coconut production, we cannot just seatback, as one of the major exporter of coconut, it will be such a waste to pass such opportunity if we can somewhat help and find a solution to these problems Significance of the Study The proposed research will determine the factors that affects the decreasing production of the coconut industry. The result of this

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