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Nutrition Assignment-Coconuts 1. Scientific Name 2. Native Origins 3. Different Varieties 4. Proper Selection 5. Proper Storage 6. Most Economical Seasons 7. Locations grown in Canada 8. Common Preserving/ Appearance Enhancer 9. Health Implications/ Concerns 10. Nutritional Breakdown 11. Alternate Fruit/Vegetable 12. Interesting Facts 13. Recipe Tall Tree: Dwarf Tree: Tara Morning Grade 11- Personal Fitness Nutrition Assignment Coconuts Coconuts * Scientific Name: Cocos nucifera * Native Origins: the origin of coconuts is still being debated.They are a prehistoric plant that scientists believe came from the South Pacific. However fossils give have been found of coconuts and their plants from thousands of years ago, and all over the world, mainly including countries in Africa, Asia and America. * Africa: Ivory Coast, Mozambique, Tanzania, Kenya, and Ghana. * Asia: Indonesia, Philippines, India, Sri Lanka, Thailand, and Malya Archipelago: * America: Mexico, Jamaica, Dominican Republic, Honduras, Costa Rica, and Brazil. * Transport Time: can range from 3 weeks- 2 months, depending on where the fruit is being transported from. * Different Varieties: There is only one species of coconut, the coconut palm. However, within this species there are dozens of types of coconuts, which are divided into two categories; dwarf and tall. Tall trees produce the coconuts that are most commonly sold in our grocery stores. Dwarf trees produce more fruit than tall trees do, but the coconuts are generally smaller in size. * Dwarf: 1)Chowghat Orange Dwarf 2) Chowghat Green Dwarf * Tall: 1) West coast tall 20 San Ramon 3) Tiptur tall 4) Kera sagara 5) Andaman ordinary 6) Spicate * Proper Selection: when selecting a coconut, you should feel the weight of it compared to the

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