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Born Gabriel Bonheur Chanel or better known as “Coco”, she has been a French influence in Fashion for years. Being born into a poor life, caught in love affairs, and two men who would unknowingly help create a legend; these things are what helped Chanel grow, shape many of her famous designs, and climb to the peak of her fashion career. August 19th of 1883, in Saumur, France, Chanel was born to Albert Chanel, a peddler, and Jeanne Devolle, a laundry woman in a factory for the indigent (bio). Although Chanel rathered to illusion others about her life, Devolle died of tuberculosis when Chanel was 12. But Chanel preferred to say that her mother died when she was 6, Along with other fabricated stories (Atkinson 26). As a result of the tragedy, Chanel‘s father, the peddler, sent her away to the Catholic Monastery orphanage in Aubazine. A better suited life for a child, where she learned to sew and become accustomed to a strict discipline which would help further her future career (Atkinson 26 and bio). As Chanel became 18 and too old to attend the convent orphanage, she had to start out on her own in trying to make a living. So, before her stardom in the growing fashion world, Chanel decided to have a brief career in singing on weeknights and a helper at a tailor shop on weekends. She would sing at clubs in Moulins and Vichy where she earned the name “Coco” as a stage name and it prominently stuck. Chanel worked hard at what she did, either at the club or working at the shop. But one Sunday, however, while she was working, her life would change forever (Atkinson 26). Etienne Balsan, an ex-cavalry officer and wealthy horse breeder, had some last minute alterations for himself when he saw Coco. He was automatically struck by her. And although Coco, even at 20, was not of considerable classic beauty, he fell in love with her aura. And of course Coco would also be

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