Coco Chanel Essay

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All About Coco Chanel: Gabrielle “Coco” Chanel (1883–1971) was a fashion icon unlike any other. Chanel was born in Saumur, Maine-et-Loire, France. When she was just 12 years old, her mother died of Tuberculosis and because of his work, her father had to leave her and he brothers and sisters. Coco was sent off to an orphanage, where she learned to sew. When she was 18, Coco left the orphanage to work for a local tailor. While working, she fell in love with French millionaire Étienne Balsan, who lavished her with the beauties of "the rich life", diamonds, dresses and pearls. While living with Balsan, Chanel began designing hats as a hobby, which soon became a big interest of hers. Coco left Balsan and took over his apartment in Paris, France. In 1913, she opened up her very first shop which sold a range of fashionable raincoats and jackets. It wasn't long before the shop went out of business and Chanel was asked to surrender her properties. Chanel was not discouraged l; it only made her more determined. Chanel then met Arthur "Boy" Capel, whom she soon fell in love with. With his assistance, Chanel was able to open her second millinery shop in Brittany, France. Her hats were worn by French actresses, which helped to establish her reputation. Her third shop and biggest store, was located in Deauville, France, where more women during the World War I era came to realize that women were supposed to dress for themselves and not their men. In 1939, at the beginning of World War II, Chanel closed her shops. She believed that it was not a time for fashion. She took up residence in the Hotel Ritz Paris for over 30 years. Chanel died in Paris on January 10, 1971, at 87 years old, in her private suite at the Hotel Ritz. Coco was buried in Lausanne, Switzerland. Her tombstone is carved with stone lion heads representing her birth sign, Leo. Interesting Facts: -Coco
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