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Cocine Essay

  • Submitted by: patelja
  • on January 16, 2013
  • Category: College Admissions
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Below is an essay on "Cocine" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

1/7 and 2/20 in 111D DeVos

Instructor: Monica Allen Text: Business Ethics (Ferrell, 9th edition)
Office:   382C – DeVos
Office Hours:   M/W 12:00-1:15pm or by Appointment
Phone:   331-7442   Fax:   331-7445
E-mail:   allenmon@gvsu.edu

Course Description:
This course examines the process of business development and the ethical questions that process raises. Particular attention is paid to the questions raised by market pressures, bureaucratic organization and income stratification.   Ethical dilemmas related to changes in society are also reviewed.

Course Objectives:
1.   To thoughtfully articulate and defend values that should guide behavior in business;
2.   To thoughtfully identify ethical concerns in a given problem/case;
    3. To learn to recognize and to deal with ethically problematic situations;
    4. To apply ethical decision models (theories) to a given problem/case;
  5. To develop an appreciation of how one’s professional position, character, and choices relative to the whole of one’s life, where that life is seen as the quest to live well.

Course Expectations:
  1) Most importantly, I want you to be thoughtful individuals.   This is not a class that involves memorizing and there are few “right” answers in here.   That means, however, that you must engage in critical thinking, you must dig deeper than your opinion, and you must be able to justify the stands you take.
  2) Every student must stay on top of the workload.
  3) Students are expected to attend participate in discussion boards regularly.   Check discussion boards for posts addressed to you at least once over the weekend.
  4) All assignments and quizzes must be completed and submitted by 11:59pm Sunday evening.
  5) All original posts in the Discussion Boards need to be accompanied by a reference.   If you reference the text (Ferrell, p. ?).   If you reference an outside source,...

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  • Submitted by: patelja
  • on January 16, 2013
  • Category: College Admissions
  • Length: 2,015 words
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