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What is your biggest concern about this course? I am a slow reader. While reading, at the same time as others, I often take a little while longer. I can read faster, but when I do I’ll finish reading and not even know what I just read and will have to re-read it. I tend to re-read paragraphs while reading because I either get distracted or my mind thinks of other things. This course has a lot of reading and it seems like we will be reading a lot very quickly. I really do like to read so I’m going to try my best to concentrate on the reading and get it done and not procrastinate until the night before class. Already reading King Oedipus I have realized that the literature is tricky and to really comprehend it will take a lot of concentration and thought. What is your personal goal for this course? Why? In this course I would really like to comprehend the reading and learn something new. Although I do enjoy reading, I usually stick to the same genre. The literature in the course isn’t something that I usually read but hopefully will enjoy reading. I would like these novels to show me different types of genres and make me a more rounded reader. While reading the books I would like to learn about the literature as well as the stories. I want to be able to read these books and comprehend what is going on. What do you need to do to make this goal happen? I will need to do several things to make this goal happen. First I will need to do the reading to the best of my ability. If there was anything I couldn’t comprehend then I need to write it down so I can ask about it in class. I also need to attend class, which won’t be hard because I dislike missing class. I will really analyze the literature so that I will understand what is going on in the books we are reading. I most likely will re-read a lot of it so I apprehend it. I will try to enjoy

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